Here are the rules regarding participation in the championship of the 

– Dutch Grand Prix Series – 

1. Participation 

Registration can be done in different ways. Go to our contact form on the website and leave a message here. You can also leave a message via our Facebook  or  Instagram . We will get back to you as soon as possible!

The minimum age is 16+  


1.1. Start of the evening 
Races will be held every Friday and Sunday.  
– On Friday this is the F1 100% at 20:30 in which a Full Qualifying and a 100% race will be held with a realistic grid and Full Damage.  
– On Sunday this is the GP1 at 20:30 in which a Full Qualification and a 50% Race will be held with Full Damage.  
If you can’t attend, you have to log out in the Discord before 18:00 on raceday.  
A driver must be present for at least 80% of the season (17 races out of 21)  
There are exceptions. We use the 75% rule for demonstrable work in 3 or 5 shifts  
Legitimate reasons for absence are work and family circumstances NO SHOW  
An illegitimate reason or not opting out at all is a  NO SHOW .
After 2 no shows, the management reserves the right to replace his/her seat with someone on the reserve list.  
Signing out must be done before 18:00 on the race day itself by putting it in the attendance in Discord. In case of doubt, follow the same procedure with addition that you have to let us know at 20:00 whether it will work or not.  
The game’s Lobby will open 15 minutes before the start of qualifying. From that time on, invitations to participate will be sent to all participants.  
After the result of qualifying, there will be a 5 minute break before the race will start with a formation lap. 
IMPORTANT: Do not press A! The host will be the one to do this. In case A is pressed by any other than the host, a qualification ban will automatically follow for the next race the driver will be driving in.

2. Hosting  

Whoever takes on the role of host must always be present until the end of the race!  
If the person leaves the race earlier while the other participants are still on the track, a Raceban will be handed out to this person immediately!  


3.1. Qualification  
Qualification will be completed in Full form with 15 riders or more. With less than 15 drivers, Q1 will be skipped. A lap time must first be set here , after which you  drive back to  the pits and  retire           
The total time for this is +/- 45 min.  
Go out of your pit box and onto the track! LOOK GOOD AROUND YOU! so you don’t get in anyone’s way.  
If you drive a fast lap and the person in front of you also drives a fast lap, then that person has the right to keep his line! He was always busy before!  
3.2. The racing  
3.2.1 If you take part in the race and spin or fall behind and retire, you will automatically be banned from qualifying for the next race! It is very annoying when someone drives around as a ghost. So if you do decide to retire, please do so in the pits.
A lot happens during the race of course!  
On the opening lap and especially in Turn 1!  
Give each other space to win it back later. Overtaking is allowed, but of course do this wisely and as cleanly as possible!  
Turn 1 will therefore be viewed STRONGER.  
DO OR THOSE ACTIONS are of no use to us!  
Defending your position is of course allowed!  
You have to do this even as long as it is within the rules!  
DEVIDE YOUR LINE 1 TIME! If you know yourself that the person behind you is so much faster, admit your loss! You will benefit from this yourself because you lose less time!  
Getting lapped will probably happen to everyone at least once!  
This is of course not a problem, everyone has an off day!  
If this happens to you, admit it!! Never deviate from your line and give the person behind you the chance to get past you as clean as possible!  
So make room for the faster participant as soon as possible!  

4. Incidents 

4.1. incident reporting  
1. Record a game clip of the moment of the incident!  
2. Make a new ticket through the filing system and put your game clip and explanation in the newly made ticket 
Do you feel that you have been wrong? Record the images yourself to make a counter argument why you performed the action (WITHIN 24H)!  
The report can be made UNTIL 23:59 the day after the race!  
All reports made after that will NOT be assessed!  
Penalties will be executed in time penalty and/or points deduction or a qualification ban! The punishment is determined according to the situation and the extent of the incident!  
The penalty will be applied on the race of the incident if possible so your result in game may not be your official result! Otherwise, the penalty will fall under the next race! If the result changes after punishment, this will of course be shared in the group. 
The steward can impose multiple penalties after deciding the incident!  
This can vary from multiple time penalties, points deduction or a possible direct qualification ban!  
Respect the decision. If you do not agree with this and you do not comply with your punishment, you will be removed IMMEDIATELY! You have the option to appeal your sentence within 24 hours.  
This is only possible by contacting the Head Steward  
He will process your appeal and discuss it with you and the stewards soon. 

5. Get a PhD 

Promotion to a higher class is only possible in GP2.  
The champion, number 2 and number 3 will be promoted to a higher league. 

6. Degradation 

Relegating to a lower class is only possible in GP1 
The numbers 18, 19 and 20 will be relegated to a lower league.  

> Important< 

Swearing/disrespectful behavior will immediately result in an official warning! If you do not respond to this, you will be removed IMMEDIATELY